The Wild Ones’ Story

We are an adventurous family from Maine. We work hard all week so that we can spend time together playing hard on the weekend in the great outdoors. This is our story.

We are a family of four: Wild G (parent #1), Wild Mama (parent #2 & chronicler of the Wild Ones’ adventures), Wild One (child #1, eight years old), and Wild Too (child #2, six years old). Wild G & Wild Too are probably the most adventurous ones of our crew and Wild Mama and Wild One are usually just along for the ride, often showing reluctance and needing to be bribed by good food.

Our adventures change depending on the season. In summer and fall, we often surf during the week and bike and/or hike on the weekends. In winter and spring, we are on the slopes skiing.

Whatever the journey, you can be sure there will be good food along the way. Wild Mama cooks a lot at home so we aren’t really looking for simple, everyday food. We are all adventurous eaters and love to try something new, especially food that inspires new recipes at home.

No matter where our adventures take us, we always try to have fun and stay wild!

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