-Italian Soda –

This blog is supposed to be all encompassing of every aspects of our life, however, until I get a better camera for portraits, beauty and fashion posts, I’m going to stick to some recipes and more trivial things.

I’ve honestly never had an Italian Soda, but at a girls night the other night, my friend suggested we make them. She even had a Keto version for me (although substituting the syrup for sugar free was the main Keto change)! They are very easy to make and now that I have been on Keto, I am always looking for new things to try, especially on the sweeter side.

To make an Italian Soda you will need: Flavored Syrup (sugar free if it fits your fancy), sparkling water, we used  S. Pelligrino, and half and half or heavy whipping cream.

 IMG_6078 (2)

Since starting Keto, flavored syrups have been amazing in my bulletproof coffee. I have also experimented using them elsewhere since it’s hard to find a delicious Keto dessert that doesn’t have the underlying aspartame taste. For my Italian Soda I used, 6 pumps of the Torani – Sugar Free: Black Cherry and went heavy on the heavy whipping cream, and poured the S. Pelligrino to the brim. It was delicious. I want to try this out with the Torani – Sugar Free: Cookie Dough flavoring (currently in the mail). I have no idea if it will be delicious or disgusting, but I’m willing to take that risk.


Comment below and let me know your favorite Italian Soda substitutes and flavorings!