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This blog is supposed to be all encompassing of every aspects of our life, however, until I get a better camera for portraits, beauty and fashion posts, I’m going to stick to some recipes and more trivial things.

I’ve honestly never had an Italian Soda, but at a girls night the other night, my friend suggested we make them. She even had a Keto version for me (although substituting the syrup for sugar free was the main Keto change)! They are very easy to make and now that I have been on Keto, I am always looking for new things to try, especially on the sweeter side.

To make an Italian Soda you will need: Flavored Syrup (sugar free if it fits your fancy), sparkling water, we used  S. Pelligrino, and half and half or heavy whipping cream.

 IMG_6078 (2)

Since starting Keto, flavored syrups have been amazing in my bulletproof coffee. I have also experimented using them elsewhere since it’s hard to find a delicious Keto dessert that doesn’t have the underlying aspartame taste. For my Italian Soda I used, 6 pumps of the Torani – Sugar Free: Black Cherry and went heavy on the heavy whipping cream, and poured the S. Pelligrino to the brim. It was delicious. I want to try this out with the Torani – Sugar Free: Cookie Dough flavoring (currently in the mail). I have no idea if it will be delicious or disgusting, but I’m willing to take that risk.


Comment below and let me know your favorite Italian Soda substitutes and flavorings!


My friend Luisa started on Keto earlier this year. I was skeptical but after watching her drop weight like crazy, (she’s down 71lbs) I decided to give it a try. If you don’t know what Keto is, google it. Luisa’s dedication to Keto is very inspiring and far exceeds my own. She figures out macros and has never cheated, I do not figure out macros (I have no idea how and don’t care to) and cheat every holiday or vacation. Luisa is very passionate about helping others discover the world of Keto and was extremely helpful and informative when I decided to give it a go. You can find out more from Luisa on her Youtube channel here, or her Instagram account @luisahowlett

Below is a picture of Luisa and her progress that I got from her Instagram.

A little repetitive here but in all honesty I am going through a tough time in my life and needed huge motivation! I was going through old pics and found this lol... Life is always throwing curveballs and I cant let it stop me. Thank you to my Keto FAM, friends and sisters for keeping me motivated AF!  Much love & God bless ❤💪🥑 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #keto #ketosis #ketolife #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #weightloss #beforeandafter #transformation #health #healthyliving #healthandfitness #passthebutter #jasonwittrock #inspired #blessed #macros #train #trainhard #youtube #subscribe #weights #hiit #followme #thankful #blessed #fatloss #myweightlossjourney #motivation


Steven (my boyfriend’s roommate, and I guess technically mine now) also started Keto earlier this year, and has dropped over 50lbs. He helped give me some information and advice regarding Keto as well. Steven has lost so much weight on Keto that he cheats freely whenever he feels like it and that has worked for him.

Travis and I started on the Ketosis bandwagon the last week of October. By Thanksgiving I had gone from 152 to 139,  at my absolute lowest, but settled at 141 most days. I hadn’t been in the 130’s since I was 19 years old!!! We decided we were going to “treat yo’self” with the delicious Thanksgiving food and alcohol on Thanksgiving day and leftovers a few days after. Well, that turned into the night before and a total of 5 days cheating. We went crazy, I mean crazy. I had a whole plate of sweet potato casserole, as much beer, bloody Mary’s and mimosas as I could handle, without coming off as a complete alcoholic. We went out to Sushi, ate left over pie for days, and I consumed a whole pizza minus one slice to myself.

9 pounds later I felt gross, heavy, bloated, and upset that I’d allowed things to get that out of control and basically gain back most the weight I’d lost. Travis gained 4 lbs (are you f*****g kidding me!?!)

Then Christmas and New Years came around. I got back into Keto and lost 7 of the 9 lbs I had gained at Thanksgiving, all while wondering where I’d be if I hadn’t cheated so drastically at Thanksgiving, while still fully planning to cheat for Christmas and New Years. Although I was going to cheat on a much smaller scale, and was willing to accept a 5lb gain.

We went to Las Vegas for New Years, and although I cheated the whole time there, I tried to somewhat control myself. Once we got back home, we finished up all the leftover food we had to cheat with and I got back on Keto two days ago. I have only weighed myself once, reluctantly, since getting back home and had a 6lb gain. We are going to Disneyland in a few weeks, and I’ll be cheating again for that trip, and I am terrified. I’m going to try to stick to as much protein as I possibly can and try to avoid carbs, but who knows how that will go.

Here is Travis’ breakdown since he has been on Keto. He started at 199, got down to 186 by Thanksgiving and gained 4lbs over that cheat, weighing 190. By Christmas he was 182.5 and back up to 185 after New Years.

*****Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, I am not qualified to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t be doing, I am simply sharing my experience based on the decision I made, for myself, to try Keto.