Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale

I have been in a real “bra-dicament” for quite some time now, with all my bras being older than I care to admit. Wires poking through, straps shredding, overall sex-appeal non-existent, but the cost of a brassiere or two from VS can be equivalent to that of a sensible car payment, throw in any apparel and you’re now at a luxury car payment. I’ve thought about trying websites I have seen advertised, where you can get a set of bra and matching panties for a reasonable price, but am too worried about not liking the fit of the bra and having to deal with returning it.

With it being the VS semi-annual sale, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to start to replenish my bra supply, and get rid of some old ones. Granted, by the time I was able to make it to the sale, the pickings were pretty slim, and the online options were even slimmer, however I was able to grab a few bras that worked for what I needed within my desired budget. I have made it a personal goal to never pay full price for anything, and to only buy items on sale, or where I can get them for less. I was able to purchase three bras for $58.74, and used a $50 gift card I received for Christmas, bringing my total out of pocket cost to $8.74. The original price tags for these bras were: $36.50, $44.50, $44.50 =125.50 before tax.

Year to date savings:$66.76